Monday, 20 June 2011

final throughts

well thats it, the year is done, overall i was very please with the outcome are group produced it was to a high standard, and i persoully believe we have one of the best films this year.

looking back there was good and bad times but what would i exprect for working with a group on a produce for nearly a year. there would be arugments.

Andy made this film happen it would never been finished without his leardership, the story and the passion he had for this film. me and andy worked good together as a team, we do come up with good ideas and have a good work efic i would be more then happy to work with him again, and im 100% shaw he will get a job after this course

Keith he is a good working he asked what he can do his lighting inproved so much toughtout the year, and his rendering skill come in very useful, some commication problem and in a few acansions, very simply thing would throw him, but no douht with the amount of work and effect he put in over the year, helped the film so much.

Mel i was very pround of her animation and comping skills i never seen her wok with aftereffects and her outcome was amazing, the only thing was the whole shot 3 which took a longer time then expected and the outcome is different not up to standard, sorry to say but again she was a great asset to the team.

Carlos he is a great modeler no dout about that the iceberg and cave are perfect, but i didnt always see him as a team player. in the last week me and andy did two alnighters keith emma stayed to 11 and mel stayed to 4am on one of the night but carlos was no where to be seen, maybe due to the other produces he was working on needed him.

Cylm and Farhan i saw them as just a freelancer for the project you give them work they do it and sent it back i think there focus wasnt on the deep but other products and own showreel work.

Emma is a talented animator in 2d and 3d double tret her animatic was amazing and he animation was to a good standard.

looking back at my perfomence over the year i am mostly please with my work. I learnt a lot this year not only in maya but as is a working in a team, and being a producer this whole year has been it, i believe i handle my roles with profession. i know i act the joker all the time, but i do put the work in and learn from my progress with programmes and learn more skill.

ditiaal tutors was a massive help to me as throught my blog i refensce me using DT to learn elements of maya that i havent tryed befor, the lighting tutors were very useful

i thought i do most of my best work in term 3, the dissertation was in term 2 and really didn't expect it take over my life like that.

my weakness could of been, focus at some points. of the year special term 2 i fell behind more then i wanted to that term, but did make it up in the end.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

shot 39

i was working on the camera move in shot 39 because the one fahran did wasn't the look we was going for in the shoot i had a few attempt but never got the right movement i was away to fast on the zoom out.
when i was trying to select the sub and sub and group to move them in a different position for the camera move this happened the kid when boom i had to restart the screen again.
working in the graph editor trying to get a smooth run with the camera, and get better slow in slow down from the kid into the iceberg.

Hand in

today is d-day we have now rendered out mostly ever shoot which the other rendering in the moring. i did a over night so i was back to work at 7am me and andy worked on the last few shoots. and when more of the team come in me andy and farhan was comping the shot that havent been put througt aftereffect just to add the render layers together so at least the tutors can see the whole animation. i must of rendered out about 11 shots and then at around 2 30 3 me and ndy begain to arange the shots into a folder for a edit.

i produced the edit using final cut pro this is without any sound just to work on the transcuions of the shoot aswell the paths of the film itsself the cruse scene need to be quicky and snappy and the longer shows to brake out the film itself.
i wish i had more time because of time contrants there was a few thing like the titles were missing, a missing shot and basic rendered shoots, but all this be shorted for the degree show, and at least the tutor can see what the storys like and the composted shot that are already in the film shows what the rest will look like.

the link below is where u can see the video.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


its the day before hand in and i though are movie hasn't got a poster, one as the main element we need for the degree show. i always thought about it, i remember doing so ruff sketches i think in second term so i took it upon myself and come out with is.

its just three layer render shots from shot two, with the matt painting Andy designed for the film. into photoshop. changed the curve and contrast to the kid. to give the salute. and a delicate layer for the shadow.
the Physic sun and sky set-up i did to see what the shadow of the kid would look like in the end did use the shadow from the film. but just wanted to see the outcome.

the blackout of the kid i did lighten it up more for the poster after some feed back from the group.

I also found both font on the titles for the film aswell the small text.

thursday final push

ok so it is the day before hand in and me and Andy have decided to do another all nighter, for this final push for the hand in , other students are working on their portfolio which is understandable but the more work i can do the more i get back, the plan was to finish up the final shots to render which Andy was on because more lighting need to be shorted, i was work on composing the inside sub which was shot 35, 36, 37, 38. the final render shot tomorrow would be compliant only of the three render layers and can at least have a rendered edit for hand in and finish to the higher standard for the degree show.

this is the comp form shot 37 i did have to do anything more in after effect the put the layers in and render out.

the mask i used for the lighting in shot 38 for a frame of mel's shot 9.

just a view of my after effects file, this is the most comped shot i did for the film with a good quietly outcome.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

what is this

ok so i was working on shot 38 and this happened when i opened maya,
the funny thing is that i dont have the little mermaid on my laptop, lucky enought all you got to do is space bar to show the 4 windows and it seen to go. but its happened once now i dont think the mac can hack the amount of rendering and lack of space its got.

shot 36 & 35 com

aswell as lighting shoots 35 and 36 i will composing the shoot aswell, i wanted to do some work in this area for my folders, i will also be comping all the inside sub shoot which is a large chuck at the end of the film.
the occucion layer very gray maybe not enought simplys or i didnt delete enough poly on the roof to let the light in.

the ambient layer

masking the to give the look of my darkness to emphasise how dark and deep he really is in this sub, and still keeps with the films lighting quietly others have produced.

this is the final comp for shot 36. i also added in background file and some slight light pionts from the windows.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

tuesday all nighter

ok so today we desided to do a all nighter to get a bulk of the rendering done at one point we had 7 computer all rendering out shots. i was also working on the lighting for the inside of the sub.

also watching after the computer sorting the render layes then, sorting out the files so we have a clear work flow.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

the plan ahead

ok one week to go this is it.

im still sorting out shoots to render and this happened really did understand of the iceberg became this bright. i had to close down maya, and start again and add textural again and add the render layers to make the shoot ready.

Friday, 10 June 2011

one week to go

rendering shot 35 and 36 the only problem is due to the wy the texturue are set, when i got the master files i had to relocation and reassign to the poly which toke up a lot of time, of every scene.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

8th of june

Another day of rendering. me Andy and Keith got in early and started to get shots ready for the rendering. i was workign on the lighting for the inside sub. at the end of the film. i was working with spot light with branch doors, the amibent light with produces the light from the bulb hanging from the celient of the sub.

aswell a area to ligh the whole sub and soft shadows to give the dark and cozey feel andy was looking for i had to tweak but got to a nice set up and adding a spotlight above the charcter for shot 36.

also i was rendering shoot 35 occulison layer on the dell computer on the 7th floor, which has became are spot for the rendering of the film.

also i have done a quick edit with the playblast edit addy done and added the shot names with a few fades and desoves.

i was think maybe the chase scene needs to be cut short to give pass but it is hard without any sound.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

5th june

just working throught the shot at the moment i was rendering out shot 8 which the render layers keith set up but now i know how to set up all of the render layer i can do this for the rest of the shots and speed up time that can be more deacated to rendering

after effect files

this is the comp working i was doing for the first shot of the film after that horrible rendering of only 9 frame a go. it took a whole week .
the final outcome is good but there are some problems, the wind mill is out a few frames as well the boy and in 4 frame the sand turns into the water. i will need to go thought the screen files find the drop frame re render by frame and comp it again and hopefully it will all be fixed.

Monday, 30 May 2011

27th of may

ok show now its been over a week and finaly the first scene is render. it was such a slow processes to render out that render pass, had to cancelled the batch render after 9 frames or the scene went red. i had to render -140 to 265 with kid1 character set then 265 to 400 with kid 2 that a lot of time i had to open and close Maya and set everything again after 9 frames.

Monday, 23 May 2011

monday the 23 may

today was not a good day for me.

first of all my maya leience run out, i rember dan sayin3g about changing the clocks would work but nope tha did happen, in the end after a few hours i sorted it and moved on rendering scene 1 shot 1

but due to how the file is cerupet we need to use a special code in maya script editor which alow u to render from the render view. this is the only wy we can render the shot out the only problem is that after 9 frame its would go like you see it all hightlighted red.

( this is the code) which keith found

// Batch rendering workaround - John Mather (NextDesign)
string $filename = "ContainmentSHOT1 2";
string $cameraName = "Test:SHOT1";

int $startFrame = 108;
int $endFrame = 234;

string $directory = (`workspace -q -rd` + "images/");

for ($i = $startFrame; $i <= $endFrame; $i++)
currentTime $i;

// Old version
// render -x `getAttr defaultResolution.width` -y `getAttr defaultResolution.height` $cameraName;

// New version - supports MR and other renderers!
renderWindowRender redoPreviousRender renderView;

string $concatFilename = $directory + $filename + "." + $i;

if (`getApplicationVersionAsFloat` >= 2011)
// Thanks to nowayfra on creativecrash for his workaround
catch(eval(renderWindowSaveImageCallback ("render view", $concatFilename, `getAttr defaultRenderGlobals.imageFormat`)));
renderWindowSaveImageCallback ("render view", $concatFilename, `getAttr defaultRenderGlobals.imageFormat`);

print ("Saved " + $concatFilename + "\n");

probs with maya

dans fault about date

render probles

got code rendders like 8 frames a ago

presentation take two

joe is here

Joe Steel decided to cut his film, which is a shame because i really liked the story and i was working on it producing the lighting for the bench to look like it was really in the shot. but then he asked if he could work with us on the Deep.

And Produce a 3D trailer for the film, which is very exciting because i think we are the first group from animation to use the 3d Technique with is booming at the moment.

i think Joe is a great asset to the team and he is also very good at comping so hopefully he can help with this nearer the end of the project.

we are the A team

Animation time

i am animating shots 35 36 and 9+11.
shot 9 and 11 are a continues shot with a cut to a close up of the character which is a long shot of the kid swimming the large void of sea.

shot 35 and 36 are interior of the sub, when the kid is siting down on the sit and the other is a behind mid shot, when the kid relies he is missing some of the photos.

im not very confinedent in my animating skills, some im glad i was still given some shots to work on this shots are to a standard i am happy to working on,

town outhouse

we begain working on the town scene for the opening of the animation lucky enought andy already had a scene he produced, which will be the bulk of the shot keith had produced the pontoon. i deisde to model a outhouse,


Air tank

i asked andy if i could model something for the film which could be added to my portfolio, he said i could model the airtank the kid uses, he drew a ruff design and i got to work which that,

i also uv maped the tank but i dont think it will be final design, there are better textural in the group then me and i understand that.



we had a incerdent with clym, me and ad found out he was sending email to mike about he didn't find andy was good at directing which i think is crazy, we decided to arrange a meeting ith clym myself andy fahran and keith we talked about why he thought this thing and said he could of come to us if he had any point.

but i did find it really hard to have a conversation with him he come across rude in my eyes if Andy was speaking he would but in and talk over him, and in the end we was going round in circuits, we decided we could try and be more viocal to the group about tasks, which i didn't really understand when the facebook book is a major way of keeping in compact with each other, and me and andy are always in lesson which is when we do talk to the team.

overall i felt we toke it very professional and im proud of andy in the way he acted throughtout the whole thing, seeing as what the whole meeting was about.

my throught on clym now are as a freelancer he got to do the rigging thats what andy picked him for he has completed that task to a standard. he is doing everyone elses rigs so if we have trouble with the rig we will contact him, but i dont think we need him as much in the 3rd term.

Friday, 20 May 2011

modeling problems

modeling camera

23th feb to the 2 of

after seeing emmas concepts for the camera, i know i wanted to model is aswell, i tryed to get as close to the concept but i change element which i felt were needed. this is the design i come out with

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

rorys lighting

so Rory asked if i could help him with some lighting for his short trailer he is producing for the end of year.

the only screen he had model at this time is the out door shot of the museum, path and trees. the style was very stylised with simply shapes and colours,

he wanted to use the physic sun and sky shaded in maya, which is a good choose and it would complement his scene very well. i had to see what looked best as in the case of shadows and the angle the sun is coming from would it be morning or evening?

here is some screen grab on what i was working with the first images is the default when using PS&S a very bright wash out look.

After playing with the gamma and angle of the sun i was casting some nice shadows, but it produced this ruff shadows on the curb of the road. maybe if i increased the filter size i would get a smoother result.

also produced a very quick time lapes of the PS&S to show the different shadows and lighting options with this simply lighting set up

Bump maps and walls

digital turot s



locker Room

i have also been working on the locker room eviroment from my pitch ninja academy im working on this because i wanted to add to my show-reel and i was always hoping maybe in the summer, this could be produced so ive been working towards this. i based it on my original drawing for the presentation which is this one

i work on this for a few hours and come out with a simply but effect resulit i could easyly use this after this degree i will model the dojo and maybe see if i can get a crew together to work on it.


digital totours

first video

bandanda did to 500 polys


Tuesday, 26 April 2011


ok so the disserataion is over ive handed in, but as xpected this has corsed the deep to be a few weeks behind are scgedual which