Thursday, 2 December 2010

the script

the problem from the get go, the script, its not that it wasn't a strong story to began with, but needed some work to it to give it depth and so it could relate to the audience more, after talking to dan and mike they raised some good points and give us ideas on how to improve the story itself, unluckily for andy how had to re write two time.

then the lecture with Dave Bull storyboard artist from Aardman we went thought the story with him and got feed back, he was looking for that GOLDEN moment in the film when the kid connects with the conga eel, and at that point it wasn't strong enough,

so again Andy went back to the drawing board, but now after seeing the storyboard im confident with are story, and full prays go to Andy his be working on the script for weeks and finally his hard work paid off.

mike made a good point at least we confronted to problem this early instead working through the year and working it could be better to late.

go team

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