Monday, 23 May 2011


we had a incerdent with clym, me and ad found out he was sending email to mike about he didn't find andy was good at directing which i think is crazy, we decided to arrange a meeting ith clym myself andy fahran and keith we talked about why he thought this thing and said he could of come to us if he had any point.

but i did find it really hard to have a conversation with him he come across rude in my eyes if Andy was speaking he would but in and talk over him, and in the end we was going round in circuits, we decided we could try and be more viocal to the group about tasks, which i didn't really understand when the facebook book is a major way of keeping in compact with each other, and me and andy are always in lesson which is when we do talk to the team.

overall i felt we toke it very professional and im proud of andy in the way he acted throughtout the whole thing, seeing as what the whole meeting was about.

my throught on clym now are as a freelancer he got to do the rigging thats what andy picked him for he has completed that task to a standard. he is doing everyone elses rigs so if we have trouble with the rig we will contact him, but i dont think we need him as much in the 3rd term.

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