Wednesday, 18 May 2011

rorys lighting

so Rory asked if i could help him with some lighting for his short trailer he is producing for the end of year.

the only screen he had model at this time is the out door shot of the museum, path and trees. the style was very stylised with simply shapes and colours,

he wanted to use the physic sun and sky shaded in maya, which is a good choose and it would complement his scene very well. i had to see what looked best as in the case of shadows and the angle the sun is coming from would it be morning or evening?

here is some screen grab on what i was working with the first images is the default when using PS&S a very bright wash out look.

After playing with the gamma and angle of the sun i was casting some nice shadows, but it produced this ruff shadows on the curb of the road. maybe if i increased the filter size i would get a smoother result.

also produced a very quick time lapes of the PS&S to show the different shadows and lighting options with this simply lighting set up

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