Tuesday, 7 June 2011

8th of june

Another day of rendering. me Andy and Keith got in early and started to get shots ready for the rendering. i was workign on the lighting for the inside sub. at the end of the film. i was working with spot light with branch doors, the amibent light with produces the light from the bulb hanging from the celient of the sub.

aswell a area to ligh the whole sub and soft shadows to give the dark and cozey feel andy was looking for i had to tweak but got to a nice set up and adding a spotlight above the charcter for shot 36.

also i was rendering shoot 35 occulison layer on the dell computer on the 7th floor, which has became are spot for the rendering of the film.

also i have done a quick edit with the playblast edit addy done and added the shot names with a few fades and desoves.

i was think maybe the chase scene needs to be cut short to give pass but it is hard without any sound.

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