Monday, 20 June 2011

final throughts

well thats it, the year is done, overall i was very please with the outcome are group produced it was to a high standard, and i persoully believe we have one of the best films this year.

looking back there was good and bad times but what would i exprect for working with a group on a produce for nearly a year. there would be arugments.

Andy made this film happen it would never been finished without his leardership, the story and the passion he had for this film. me and andy worked good together as a team, we do come up with good ideas and have a good work efic i would be more then happy to work with him again, and im 100% shaw he will get a job after this course

Keith he is a good working he asked what he can do his lighting inproved so much toughtout the year, and his rendering skill come in very useful, some commication problem and in a few acansions, very simply thing would throw him, but no douht with the amount of work and effect he put in over the year, helped the film so much.

Mel i was very pround of her animation and comping skills i never seen her wok with aftereffects and her outcome was amazing, the only thing was the whole shot 3 which took a longer time then expected and the outcome is different not up to standard, sorry to say but again she was a great asset to the team.

Carlos he is a great modeler no dout about that the iceberg and cave are perfect, but i didnt always see him as a team player. in the last week me and andy did two alnighters keith emma stayed to 11 and mel stayed to 4am on one of the night but carlos was no where to be seen, maybe due to the other produces he was working on needed him.

Cylm and Farhan i saw them as just a freelancer for the project you give them work they do it and sent it back i think there focus wasnt on the deep but other products and own showreel work.

Emma is a talented animator in 2d and 3d double tret her animatic was amazing and he animation was to a good standard.

looking back at my perfomence over the year i am mostly please with my work. I learnt a lot this year not only in maya but as is a working in a team, and being a producer this whole year has been it, i believe i handle my roles with profession. i know i act the joker all the time, but i do put the work in and learn from my progress with programmes and learn more skill.

ditiaal tutors was a massive help to me as throught my blog i refensce me using DT to learn elements of maya that i havent tryed befor, the lighting tutors were very useful

i thought i do most of my best work in term 3, the dissertation was in term 2 and really didn't expect it take over my life like that.

my weakness could of been, focus at some points. of the year special term 2 i fell behind more then i wanted to that term, but did make it up in the end.

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