Thursday, 16 June 2011


its the day before hand in and i though are movie hasn't got a poster, one as the main element we need for the degree show. i always thought about it, i remember doing so ruff sketches i think in second term so i took it upon myself and come out with is.

its just three layer render shots from shot two, with the matt painting Andy designed for the film. into photoshop. changed the curve and contrast to the kid. to give the salute. and a delicate layer for the shadow.
the Physic sun and sky set-up i did to see what the shadow of the kid would look like in the end did use the shadow from the film. but just wanted to see the outcome.

the blackout of the kid i did lighten it up more for the poster after some feed back from the group.

I also found both font on the titles for the film aswell the small text.

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