Thursday, 16 June 2011

thursday final push

ok so it is the day before hand in and me and Andy have decided to do another all nighter, for this final push for the hand in , other students are working on their portfolio which is understandable but the more work i can do the more i get back, the plan was to finish up the final shots to render which Andy was on because more lighting need to be shorted, i was work on composing the inside sub which was shot 35, 36, 37, 38. the final render shot tomorrow would be compliant only of the three render layers and can at least have a rendered edit for hand in and finish to the higher standard for the degree show.

this is the comp form shot 37 i did have to do anything more in after effect the put the layers in and render out.

the mask i used for the lighting in shot 38 for a frame of mel's shot 9.

just a view of my after effects file, this is the most comped shot i did for the film with a good quietly outcome.

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