Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hand in

today is d-day we have now rendered out mostly ever shoot which the other rendering in the moring. i did a over night so i was back to work at 7am me and andy worked on the last few shoots. and when more of the team come in me andy and farhan was comping the shot that havent been put througt aftereffect just to add the render layers together so at least the tutors can see the whole animation. i must of rendered out about 11 shots and then at around 2 30 3 me and ndy begain to arange the shots into a folder for a edit.

i produced the edit using final cut pro this is without any sound just to work on the transcuions of the shoot aswell the paths of the film itsself the cruse scene need to be quicky and snappy and the longer shows to brake out the film itself.
i wish i had more time because of time contrants there was a few thing like the titles were missing, a missing shot and basic rendered shoots, but all this be shorted for the degree show, and at least the tutor can see what the storys like and the composted shot that are already in the film shows what the rest will look like.

the link below is where u can see the video.

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